ITEM Medical Technologies Group

was founded in 1990 in ISTANBUL by an innovative and tech-savvy team to introduce the newest high technological medical  innovations and highest quality pharmaceuticals to our region.

At those times, health care services and advanced technologies were not easily available and reachable as they are today. Based on this, we moved along and we have established ITEM Medical Technologies, LLC in 2010 in west Palm Beach, FL USA and GLOBAL TRADE STATEGIES INTERNATIONAL, LLC in 2010 in west Palm Beach, FL USA with USA partnership.

We have been providing sales and after sales services all over our region  we aim to generalize the use of advanced technologies in health care centers in our region.

We have been serving in Turkish market and 25 different countries in Middle East, North Africa and Caucasian Regions with an innovative state of mind and approach in the areas of Medical Devices and pharmaceuticals from major US and European Manufacturers.


President, CEO

Bsc, International Relations. METU