Lexington, MA- August 10, 2016 – OmniGuide Holdings, Inc., the parent company of OmniGuide, Inc., a leader in flexible fiber CO2 laser surgery, announced today that it has signed an agreement to merge with Domain Surgical Inc., to enhance its advanced energy surgical portfolio.

The merger with Domain Surgical, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT broadens the ability to bring safe and precise surgical technologies to more surgeons and patients. Domain Surgical is the maker of the FMX Ferromagnetic Surgical System, a surgical platform that uses ferromagnetic technology to precisely and safely cut, coagulate and seal tissue; with minimal injury to surrounding tissue as compared to other surgical technologies.

Despite advances in technology, surgical interventions can cause undesired collateral damage to healthy tissue, which can lead to post-operative pain, prolonged patient recovery and complications. Domain Surgical’s patented ferromagnetic technology is based on the principle of ferromagnetic heating. Simply described, heat is produced when a material having magnetic “domains” is exposed to an alternating magnetic field. The result is a surgical system that provides consistent cutting and hemostasis, with much less thermal injury than traditional electrosurgery, without passing potentially dangerous electrical current through the patient.

OmniGuide’s combined technologies now deliver a variety of surgical applications, to ENT and GYN surgeons, ranging from precision cutting and ablation, to quick hemostatic dissection, to reliable vessel sealing; all with optimized precision and safety, without passing electrical current through the patient.

In conjunction with the merger, John T. Buhler, has been named President and CEO of OmniGuide Holdings. Mr. Buhler has extensive experience in the technology, life-sciences and healthcare fields with a career spanning 30+ years. He has been the CEO/COO of three public and two private companies, completed numerous rounds of financing, done ˜$1 billion in mergers and acquisitions, and most recently merged RF Surgical Systems, Inc. with Medtronic. He has successfully completed four turnarounds, with each entity becoming a high growth/profitable business in its discipline. Mr. Buhler has an impressive history generating new revenue streams, building business, and increasing market share for multi-million and multi-billion dollar international high-technology corporations. His businesses have demonstrated the ability to penetrate new markets and strengthen competitive positioning, design and direct high-impact strategic plans, define visions and transform concepts into lucrative workable realities.

“Both OmniGuide and Domain Surgical technologies are known for extreme precision and for minimizing unintended collateral damage to healthy tissue during complex surgical procedures. Further, both technologies are designed to increase patient safety and improve clinical outcomes,” said Mr. Buhler. “Merging the companies provides an expanded advanced energy product portfolio that delivers precise cutting, ablation, dissection, and vessel sealing capabilities across numerous sub-specialties. I am excited to be a part of this dynamic team as we grow the company moving forward.”

ABOUT OmniGuide Surgical
OmniGuide Surgical is an advanced energy company focused on surgeons and patients. OmniGuide’s technologies deliver energy in a safe, reliable manner resulting in the preservation of healthy tissue.