Dysis Digital Cervical Mapping System for Advanced Colposcopy

DySIS Digital Cervical Mapping System

Until now, all cervical visualization systems have been designed the same way and allow the clinician to simply view the cervix to manually assess the aceto-whitening process. Conventional visualization devices are difficult and subjective. Solving these problems required much more than an incremental change. It required a radical breakthrough in understanding the bio-chemical interactions on the cervix combined with a highly innovative approach.

DySIS measures the aceto-whitening phenomenon. It differs from traditional colposcopes by measuring aceto-whitening automatically, producing a clear map which assists the clinician to diagnosis, biopsy and treatment if needed.

DySIS provides:

• Dynamic Spectral Imaging
• In vivo quantified assessment of
• High sensitivity quantified mapping of the aceto-whitening effect
• HD digital imaging & video with intuitive touch screen interface
• Ergonomic design compatible with all patient beds


DySIS has been designed to provide crisp, high-resolution imaging with over 120,000 pixels used to image one square millimetre of tissue. Cross-polarisation filters are built-in to remove glare from tissue surfaces ensuring that all areas are visible during the examination. A live video feed of the area under examination is delivered directly to the touch screen interface at a rate of 18 frames per second. Since DySIS is a digital system, a variety of user tools provide excellent capability for image manipualation and analysis, including area magnification, green and blue filters, video and still image capture.


DySISmap is unique.

It provides a detailed and accurate summary of the aceto-whitening phenomena measured by DySIS on the patient. The map is derived through patented dynamic spectral analysis of the cervical tissue. Colours are allocated on the map depending on the degree of aceto-whitening measured by DySIS during the examination. This information can be easily combined with other clinical observations to assist in the selection of biopsy sites and patient management. The intuitive touch screen interface allows the biopsy points to be easily marked (see the circles on the example below):

• Accurate mapped summary of aceto-whitening effect
• Map analysis tools to assist with interpretation

DySIS includes a comprehensive on-board patient database allowing for all pre-examination, exam results, treatment plan and post-exam follow-up notes. The proprietary database is comprehensive yet compact and, under normal use, has excess capacity

• Automatic electronic patient record generation & storage
• Enables longitudinal tracking
• Information export capabilities


Software to allow patient examinations to be exported from DySIS to a PC

• Office/ remote patient review and assessment
• Flexibility for the clinician and multi-disciplinary team to review patients anywhere

Ergonomics :

DySIS works with all examination beds and chairs, having infintie flexibilty in its adjustment. Above all else, DySIS allows the clinician the best ergonomics with an adjustable touch screen interface and single-handed manipulation of the imaging head to achieve both clinical and patient comfort.

The instrument can be set-up and used for either right or left-handed operation.